It Is Finished

Sunday, August 22, 2010
I finally said my goodbyes and left behind my first full-time experience in workistry on Thursday. The boss didn't shake my hand or give me a hug as he said, "Well, see you." The associate pastor was in a meeting, so I didn't say goodbye to him at all. The ladies were much more thoughtful in their goodbyes, giving me some lovely gifts and hugs as I departed.

On Friday, I along with a wonderful team of movers packed up all of my apartment in about 4 hours. On Saturday, we loaded the truck heading for my new city in 2 hours and then drove to the new city within 5 hours. Today, we unloaded the truck, reloaded the truck, then unloaded the truck again (long story) and started assembling my new life. It's starting to feel more like home now, especially since I'm typing to you from my very own computer desk and desktop graciously set up by H.

And so it goes. Tomorrow is the first day of my new workistry. I await new challenges with a little trepidation but a lot of excitement for all that is shiny and new.


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